Do you need eyebrow threading kiosk? Recently, many people plan to start eyebrow threading business. Today, I want to introduce you a elegant eyebrow bar counter with you. In fact, we made many eyebrow bar to different countries and help many brand build kiosks in different size. Because of high quality and good service, they build long term business relationship with us. And every eyebrow bar station meets their demand.

How to build a unique eyebrow threading kiosk?

First, let us know your idea about the mall kiosk. Including size, layout, style, color, etc. Second, pay a design deposit 300-600usd, which depends on the shop size. The deposit just show our cooperate and will refund you when order. Third, make the design. The first drawing will finish about 2-3 business days. Please leave more time to confirm the drawing. Finally, check the design drawing and confirm it. If you think where need to change better, we can help you modify soon. Is it cool? All what we want to do is help you better.

3D design drawing show

From the picture, we can see this eyebrow bar including 4 working area with mirrors. In the entrance, there is a high stand to place logo and posters. And a cashier counter is set here, next to the counter are sofa with table. Customer can set here and have a rest. When add wall cabinets to place products, people can take them easily and you can aslo earn money. What do you think? The dimension is 6m by 3m with wooden decoration. When build your own eyebrow bar, the layout, size is up to you. Here is a real pictures showing with you, you can view the details clearly.

eyebrow kiosk eyebrow bar brow station eyelash showcase

I am looking to discuss more details about eyebrow kiosk with you. If you have any ideas, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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