Are you looking for handbag kiosk design? Here is a nice and functional 4 by 2m mall handbag kiosk for UK

one woman will have how many handbags? nobody knows the answer and include themselves, one woman will have many many bags at home, even they will use the whole closet to hold it. This is no exaggeration.

handbags and bags is a woman’s favorite, it is so important and they will change handbags every day like clothing.

so handbag market always is hot sale, do you think opening a handbags store in a shopping mall?

today I will introduce a style fashion mall handbags kiosk, hope can help you.


the design is very beautiful and elegant, it is very open display kiosk, front and back 2-row display stand, each side is with A-pillars, and then can put logo and posters.

for a display stand, the top area we made some small display boxes to put handbags, each box can put one handbag, it is very delicate, the bottom area has some hole hole plate and slat wall to hang some handbags.

materials aspect, we choose plywood as basic material,surface is laminate, plywood is very hard as basic, laminate also is very high-end surface finish, mall like this kind material.

real production photo is more attractive, you can have a look.



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