Nowadays, more and more people like makeup whether they go out or not. Makeup can show you the best side and make you more confident. It can also make people feel good about you instantly. The most important that good looks are a kind of respect for others. That’s why so many people are now in the makeup business. Do you have the intention to start a cosmetic business? If you want to do it, the following cosmetic display kiosk will be helpful for you.

Shopping mall cosmetic display kiosk

There are many big-name products in the mall, and their quality is guaranteed. We are more at ease when buying. Cosmetics are things that are used on the face, and our quality requirements will be higher. In addition to the cosmetics that can be bought in the store, the other is the kiosk in the mall. Most of them are certified, and the types of cosmetics are relatively complete. Today, we will specifically introduce the following cosmetic display kiosk.

Cosmetic Display Kiosk Details

From the design drawing below, we can clearly see its shape, color, and display. It is square, and shopping malls kiosk are basically in this shape. We have four display spaces. Every countertop can be put on our cosmetics. There are also many types of cosmetics. Such as eye shadow lipstick and so on. We can display different things on different counters.

At the top of our display area are some black stainless steel tubes with light strips installed on the top to illuminate our products. Customers will also have a good experience when buying products. We can set up a cash register at the entrance, which is a very important part of the kiosk. Our customers can check out here, and we can also put on our computers. On the side opposite the entrance is a makeup stand is a 2.2m high rectangle 3D Acrylic logo poster. People can see it at a glance when they go shopping. How obvious it is! It also has a sticker of a cosmetic spokesperson. It is easy to catch people’s eyes. This cosmetic display kiosk is very popular and sold abroad.

cosmetic kiosk

Kiosk size: 3x3m

Basic material: MDF, metal

Surface finish: Baking paint

Production time: About 28 working days

Others: Mirrors, LED light. lock, lightbox



Production Detailscosmetic display

When we confirm the drawing, we will start production. We have our own factory, we will provide you with a complete cosmetic display kiosk. Including all accessories, decorations, and electricity. Our workers have more than ten years of work experience, and they have very high demands on themselves. During the production process, we will strictly supervise and inspect. If there is a problem, we will rework it and the things we send must be good.

We will install everything, including logos, lightboxes, mirrors, etc., and you can use them directly after you receive the goods. After the production is completed, we will put the cabinets together and test the circuit, and we will pack them if there is no problem. Of course, we will also take photos for you to confirm. You can see the complete kiosk before receiving the goods.


How to order a cosmetic display kiosk?

If we want to order a kiosk, we must first design a kiosk that belongs to us. Because the mall has to review our kiosk. Sometimes we cannot decide the size of our shopping mall, so we must design according to the size of the location given by the mall. Only after passing their review, we can start production.

We are a customized company, and our design team will help us to design. You can decide the shape and color of the kiosk. We will design until you are satisfied. Our design fee is 300 US dollars, which includes design drawings and construction drawings, which are the documents required for the review of the mall. Therefore, the design is our first step. After passing the review, you can give us the rest. We will help you arrange production and transportation, so you can wait for your goods with peace of mind.

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