15*12 ft Mall used jewelry kiosk with cool jewelry kiosk design for sale

Jewelry kiosk becomes popular in recent years. Many people open a jewelry kiosk in the shopping center to earn money. And even create their chain brand. We have helped many jewelry brand owners create self-service kiosks and have witnessed their business grow faster and faster. We made jewelry cabinets of different sizes for them to go to different shopping malls. If you are going to access to jewelry field, please don’t miss this elegant jewelry kiosk.

Specifications of this jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk is set up in a shopping center in Denver. It covers an area of 15ft by 12ft, a very common size in the mall. The main color is white, which reflect light and show jewelry better.

Brand signage:

A brand logo is very important for a retail service kiosk. We usually choose light and big brand signs for a mall kiosk. Therefore, people can see and remember your shop easily.

Layout show:

As we can see in the design, there are glass display counters surround the place. There is a fan-shaped display cabinet in each of the 4 corners. It avoids sharp angles and protects people from injury. These glass counters have two-layer display shelves, the top is for small items like rings. While the bottom used to place necklace display. The front side is a cashier counter and next to it is a big brand logo stand with posters and a TV player. A single counter in the center is mainly used to place more items and for jewelry repair services.

Material show:

The main material of the jewelry shop is MDF. That’s used for most of the display showcase. Because of its stable chemical properties and can gives a very smooth finish effect. The display counter is 8mm tempered glass with a light lamp. Stainless steel usually protects the kicking.

How to order the custom made jewelry booth?

Firstly, we should know what kind of jewelry cabinet match your business. If you meet a favorite style, please don’t miss it. Just add your own logo and make some adjustments to suit your business.

Secondly, check the estimated price of the jewelry kiosk. You can tell us the kiosk size, color, and requirements. We can give you an estimated cost for reference. If you accept the estimated cost, we can move to the next step. You can also tell us your budgets, then we make a new design to meet the demand.

Thirdly, make the 3D design according to your needs. The 3D design service of a new jewelry kiosk needs 300usd and it takes 3-5 workdays to complete. Our design team will discuss together to find a good solution for the design, then make a CAD drawing.

Fourthly, confirm the final design drawing. You can also submit the design drawing to the mall manager for approval. And we calculate the final price according to the final design for the order.

Finally, pay half the deposit and make a construction drawing. Our payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. Then we make construction drawings for production.


The jewelry booth is fully completed in our factory. And we should test the electronic, locks, drawers and sliding doors, light, etc. to work well. Then take pictures for your confirmation. For better delivery, the kiosks will be packed into several packages as plan. So when you receive the goods, just put them together and connect wires between each counter. It’s very easy and can finish by two-person. If you still have questions, we will also make an installation guide for you to follow. Thank you.

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