Sales candy kiosk. This one is a unique candy sales kiosk. The main material of this candy is made of MDF. Our entire candy kiosk is designed according to the needs of customers and the rationality of the design. This candy kiosk is finished with MDF baking varnish. The bottom of the candy kiosk is a polka dot sticker, which can make this design more childlike. His size is 10x12feet. You can see that the candy kiosk is surrounded by displays. This can make full use of a lot of space. The material of the candy display box is transparent acrylic. This will allow customers to clearly see the types of candies.

Layout of the Candy Kiosk

Color and Light Strip

You can also see that the bottom of the candy kiosk is full of light strips, which makes the whole candy kiosk brighter and more attractive. His main color is a combination of red and pink, which is also a color that children like very much. The main sales target of the candy kiosk is children, and only attracts children. Only then can you increase your sales.


The lollipop-shaped logo is also a point of attracting customers. A logo with a special shape is far more attractive than an ordinary logo. This will increase the flow of people. The main material of this logo is 304 stainless steel logo. This style of LOGO looks very tall and durable. This candy kiosk has two circular logos, placed on opposite corners. In this way, customers on each side can clearly see.

Display Case

You can see the rose red display here. There are 4 red displays in total. Two are on the other side of the door, and one is on the corner opposite the door. The other is in the direction of the cash register. The direction of the cash register can be easily noticed by customers. This kind of display case is suitable for packed candy or chocolate.

Interior Layout

For the inside of the candy kiosk, we made a lot of cabinets to store candy. So there is no need to worry about inventory issues. There are also many shelf displays under the cash register, so that you can also put some of your personal belongings.

There are Questions that Customer Concerned


Production time: Production time will take 22-25 working days.

Shipping time: Shipping time based on your country and which port is near to you. for instance, if you the Melbourne port is near to you, the shipping time will take about 13-20 days to the port.

Besides the production time and the shipping time, you also need to consider the design time . In general, the design time will take 2-5 working days. The 3D design will show all of your requirements on it. You can see the whole effect for the kiosk.


we will install the light strip, sockets and the logo on the kiosk. After everything is ok, we will take the video for you. For the shipping, we will pack it for several part according the construction drawings. For each part connect with the hermaphrodite connector. While you receive the kiosk, you just put them together according to the construction drawings.  Connecting the hermaphrodite connector, the whole kiosk can work.


the package include the interior package and the outside package. The interior package use the EPE foam to pack the each corner and side of the cabinet. Then we use the film to pack the whole cabinet. We use the MDF to produce the wood box. We put the Interior package into the wood box. Finally, using seal with nails.

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