Where can you find jewelry display cases that are made with quality wood and glass materials, but don’t cost a fortune? Right here at Displays2go! Many of the jewelry cases offered here are priced far-below any of the competition. Make no mistake, the showcases here are priced low due to the fact that they are designed, warehoused and shipped from one of our three warehouses here in the United States, and not because they are sub-standard quality.


Wooden jewelry display cabinet For Sale

The jewelry display cabinets for sale here come in various sizes and finishes in order to match or blend with any décor & different budgets.  Those jewelry display cabinets are usually used in the middle of the store or showroom, and connect together to create a sales counter between staff and customers, These store fixtures are normally seen in jewelry stores, boutiques even museums to display high-end items. Some of those are used in the shopping mall which is called a jewelry kiosk.  All the wood jewelry display cabinet are mainly build with two parts, top glass display area, and bottom storage parts.  In the latest modern popular wooden display cabinets. Some manufacturers hollowed the bottom part to create a unique and fashion style while the top keeps display with lights and lock system. This brave trial not only makes the showcase more elegant but also reduce the cost.

There is a variety of wood finishes for the base part of the jewelry display cabinet.  We usually for plastic lamination (HPL) finish and natural wood sheet in veneer finish.  Both of this can create a wooden texture on the surface, So, if you are interested in getting a wooden display cabinet, Our designer can help you create a 3D design with different kinds of wood styles. From American Oak wood to Australia birch, we have a large variety of wood options for you to choose.

Glass display showcase For Sale

The glass is the most important material that uses on a jewelry display case. So, usually, when a customer is looking for a display showcase ,they actually looking for a glass display case.  Use these glass showcases to not only house merchandise, but also to create an area to interact with customers.


All of the glass used in these showcases is tempered. This safety glass is often preferred, and sometimes required for retail locations, as it poses less of a liability when it breaks. Museums like to use these showcases for a period piece, or to showcase a local artisan’s work. The pedestal stands shown above are perfect for these types of displays, and also feature additional track lighting to further spotlight the displayed item. There are also jewelry display cases here that have a removable acrylic lid and wood base to allow for exhibiting a new or featured piece of jewelry.

For more upscale jewelers, there is a limited selection of glass tabletop cabinets here. This type of display case features a complete glass top and a solid wood base and legs. The top of the showcase features access doors in the rear. Customers are able to get a complete view of the displayed merchandise without having to walk around the store fixture. This jewelry display case is an exquisite piece of furniture that will certainly impress patrons. This online collection also includes several display fixtures to place the actual jewelry on within these cabinets.

For customers looking for smaller cabinets to house earrings, and body jewelry, there is also a large section of acrylic countertop models. These displays feature clear plexiglass, and has a lock and key for security. There are rectangular, hexagonal, as well as rotating showcases offered. A portion of these cases also have shelves to allow for displaying several items within the same fixture. Buy one of these showcases today, and create a POP display that will help move slow-selling merchandise!

How much assembly is required for these glass store fixtures once received?

  • Most of these retail showcases come fully assembled with little to no additional maintenance required.
  • Some of the quick ship fixtures are shipped completely unassembled, however this fact is very apparent to the customer prior to purchasing any of these models.
  • There are a select few glass cabinets that do need to have the shelving installed prior to use.

Do all of these retail glass showcases include interior lighting?

  • Many of these pedestal stands come with optional track lights.
  • Although most of the other retail cabinets don’t include lighting, they do feature a full view design that allows light to penetrate through onto the displayed merchandise.
  • For more information regarding any of these store showcases contact a member of our customer service team.

Some of these glass showcases, and retail store fixtures are offered with a quick ship option. These wood counters ship unassembled, or in some cases with minor additional assembly required. This not only saves customers time to receive the fixtures, but it also saves on freight and overall costs. These glass showcases are shipped via standard ground shipping, rather than truck. With ground shipping customers have the option to choose overnight, or 2&3 day air shipment. By getting these store fixtures in a timelier manner it allows retailers to meet deadlines and not have to worry if their glass showcases will arrive in time.

Besides the large variety of glass store fixtures showcased here, there is an even wider selection of POP displays which can be viewed at the main online catalog page. View all of the additional lines of merchandise beyond retail displays including, tower showcases, store fixtures, poster frames and magazine racks. This corporation has been manufacturing and providing high quality showcases for more than thirty seven years. What began as a one-man side job now is home to over a hundred and fifty employees, and three warehouses. There are nearly two million units in these warehouses at any given time. By maintaining such a sizable inventory; the lead times are kept to a minimum, the likelihood that the products customers needs will be in stock, and prices are kept low. Many of the prices available here are far below any of the competition. Additionally, there is a large section of clearance products that are priced below cost in many cases. Most of the items on these pages are over-stocked, discontinued or scratch-and-dent products that have been dramatically priced to sell. Conversely, there is an equally impressive section dedicated to all of the new merchandise that is added to this site on a weekly basis. We appreciate your patronage, and hope that you will stop back soon to see all of the new and exciting happenings here at Unique kiosk!

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