10ft×10ft eyebrow threading display showcase ship to Canada

Good morning, everybody. Thank you for visiting our website. Today I want to recommend an eyebrow threading display showcase for you, hope it also be good to your own business.

Description details:

This beautiful eyebrow threading display showcase measures the size 10ft by 10ft. Red and white is the bacic color of the whole kiosk. The whole kiosk consist 3 work place and a long bench for accompany people. It has many storage area. Closed to the stand is a glass display cabinet. TVs and light box paint on the kiosk for let people know what kind of products and service do you provide. The logo on the high stand should be hollow illuminate. However, if you only need acrylic logo, we won’t add any light in the logo.

This design idea is from one of our customers. And I like it very much. Because it looks very beautiful and eye-catching. I send it to one of my customers by mistake. Although he don’t do eyebrow service, he likes the design very much. So I think it’s a great idea to share it with you this time. Maybe it will help you choose the your own kiosk for eyebrow service.


Basic information

  1. Material: MDF
  2. Finishing: White baking paint, red baking paint
  3. LOGO: Three-dimensional acrylic logo
  4. Other materials: Tempered glass display cabient, stainless steel kicking, led light, light paint box

Production process for your reference:

FAQ about the eyebrow threading display cabinet

How to assemble the eyebrow threading display cabinet?
The eyebrow threading display cabinet will be separated into several parts, and each parts will be paked individually, when making packing, we will mark 1.2.3… on the wooden carton, so after you got the kiosk, just need to put them together in order and then connect electricity, then the whole nail kiosk can work.

Will you provide assemble guide?
If you still have no ideas for the above solutions, then we will help to make a nail kiosk assemble guide for you, attached with some real production pictures, or we can take video if needed, so pls no worries for it.

How do I make the payment?
For the payment terms, usually we have two ways. One is by T/T, and another is by Western Union. So it is up to you to choose the more convenient one. Also we can go ahead the order on alibaba, so you can pay via alibaba. Anyway, it is up to you.

How about the delivery time?
We are directly factory, usually it needs about 18-22 working days to build up the nail kiosk , as for shipping time, will depend on which port you are. So if you are going to run a cosmetics business, pls leave about 40 days for it.

Thank you for reading. If you have any good ideas, we can discuss about it together.

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  • Email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com
  • Whatsapp: +86 13602680324
  • WeChat: +86 13602680324
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