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With the accelerated pace of life, convenience stores play a big role in our daily life. Because people can almost buy food, daily necessities, etc. in convenience stores. No matter when you are ready to open a convenience store. It is very necessary to choose a good store location and attractive decoration. That provides customers with good products and services. It can make your business last longer and you can also promote your corporate image or even create a chain brand. If you plan to make your first pot of gold by opening a convenience store, then you must read this article carefully.

convenience store furniture

The location of the convenience store

Start a convenience store business in a high-traffic location. You can start your business in residential areas, near universities, next to factories, shopping malls, etc. I am sure you will be able to make profits very quickly. For brick-and-mortar businesses, choosing a store location with a large customer base is a must. Because only target customers can become your loyal customers and bring more potential customers. We recommend that you spend some time and energy choosing a good location in the early stage. You can even do a traffic survey so that you can predict the turnover of the store and plan the sales plan in advance.

Convenience store decoration

The decoration of a convenience store includes lighting, wall decoration, display counter, layout, etc. They work together to create a warm shop atmosphere. A good decoration plan can well display the brand’s philosophy and company culture, and can also make customers memorable. The decoration of the convenience store can even become the symbol of your store, which is helpful for you to establish your own brand and chain brand. If you don’t have a clear idea about the renovation, it is a good idea to make a 3D design based on the floor plan. The design renderings show the decoration details of the entire convenience store and the location of the display cabinets. You can see in advance what the shop will look like after the renovation, and you can even make some small adjustments to get the final perfect result.

convenience store furniture

Making design drawings for convenience stores

The design of the convenience store is completely designed according to the floor plan of the store. And the designer will also make adjustments according to the actual location of the store. It takes 5-7 working days to design a 60-square-meter convenience store, and the design drawings include 3D renderings and construction details. They are a complete display of the whole store’s decoration, material details, circuit diagrams, lamp and counter layouts, detailed dimensions, etc. If you have a new idea, then the designer will adjust the design. If required, you can provide design drawings to government departments and fire departments for review.

Custom Convenience Store Furniture

With the advancement of technology, store owners love unique stores. Choosing custom furniture is a good idea. Because you can make unique counters just the way you want. And even make them 100% fit the products and sizes you need to display. For some irregularly shaped shops, we can design cabinets accordingly and get a good effect. Whether you want glass cabinets, multiple functional display cabinets, wall shelving, or curved counters, Unique Kiosk can meet your requirements. All furniture is handcrafted by highly skilled workers who pay more attention to the counter structure, quality, craftsmanship details, and overall effect.

convenience store display

Installation steps

For custom convenience store furniture, installation is very simple. You only need to place the counter in the corresponding position according to the construction drawing, then connect the power supply and you are ready to use it. Because all the manufacturing and assembly processes will be done in the factory. We will test the cabinets to ensure that every part is working properly. And when packing, each counter will be affixed with corresponding labels to distinguish.

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