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This week our customers kiril and dean visited our factory and loading his kiosk. This is the third one and it will be opened in UK.

A business that sells healthy frozen yogurt through kiosks in shopping centres is going international. Yogoo! was launched last summer by Bournemouth brothers Kiril and Dean Hristov, who both turned their passion for healthy desserts into a business. Kiosks have been set up across the sounth east of England and the siblings are eyeing expansion in Asia and the Middle East, with the first two confirmed locations in India and Oman’s capital Muscat.

The first one kiosk has been opened in England, UK. And the second one kiosk was opened in Oman. The third one is on the way to UK.

The first one was opened in UK:

3.5 x 3 m is the size of first one YOGOO! Yogurt ice cream kiosk.

The second one was opened in Oman:

The third one is on the way to UK:

Contact me if you want to open a yogurt kiosk, welcome to inquiry!!!

Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com


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