Shipping Container Restaurant

Custom design 20" & 40 " Sea Shipping container restaurant ,cafe & coffee shop

Shipping container cafe is an outdoor coffee shop design and builds with a sea shipping container. We would like to call this type of coffee shop a Magic Box cafe. Most of the container coffee shop was build with second-hand shipping container to save some cost. Some of them will be built by totally new containers.  The standard size of the shipping containers are 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft, We also have You can even have a customized size container in UniqueKiosk.shipping container restaurant

Container coffee shop

Shipping container coffee shop for sale -We build the shipping container with a Hydraulic system to open and close the shop. With a small switch, you can easily start your business in any street corner.

A used shipping container is a new outdoor cafe idea. It’s an environmentally friendly project with lower the cost that more and more people come to pursue. A successful shipping container cafe has the following characters.

  • 1. Strong and high quality against any weather condition. even an earthquake cannot able to move to a container cafe.
  • 2. Unique and attractive outlook. Industrial style with an amazing emotional feeling for customers.
  • 3. Modular type box can easily move to different locations by truck.
  • 4. Affordable cost, you can never find a high-quality outdoor coffee kiosk with such a price at the same quality (Under the premise of getting it done by Unique ).
  • 5. Fully customized. you can have different size of the containers and you can choose any color you like.

We also have boxed style shipping container office & shipping container shop for retail. Our container cafe is popular all over the world. We supply the whole solution for outdoor cafe shop. And install all the necessary equipment and counters inside the cafe. Here below are over 50+ best container restaurant design ideas, container coffee shop concept, & container bar images.

UniqueKiosk is a leading mall kiosk and outdoor display solution provider. We custom design & manufacture commercial displays for indoor & outdoor. Shipping container cafe and shop are our new projects since 2010. We custom high-quality box shop all over the world.

shipping container restaurant conceptWhat is a used shipping container?

A used shipping container are eliminated sea cargo container from shipping companies.  Do not miss a look at those used container, they are very useful in many fields. Because all the shipping container are made of thick metal. So, even it’s sifted out but still have good conditions.  Those shipping containers can be used to build a coffee bar, restaurants, retail shops, even houses.

Why did people choose to manufacture a restaurant to go container? It mainly because of the durable quality and easy mobile characters, If the business in one location is not as good as expected, You can easily lift up your restaurant and move to next hot places.

There are many businesses you can do in a container restaurant, Such as craft beer, crepes, waffles, pizza or bakery cupcake and bread.  You can either serve as fast food kiosk or regular restauranut or just a sinlg coffee bar.

Container Park restaurant is also a very hot business concept for outdoor food concessions.  sea con built restaurants are one of the best outdoor food concession stand that for public food serving.

Most of the container restaurant bar has two doors open from both sides. When restaurants open in the morning, this tow door can open up and lay on the ground as a serving area. When night time comes. This two-part can close up again make a full container for safe and long term use stable.

What dimension is a Shipping Container?

There are many different dimensions for shipping containers.  So, you can a different size restaurant made from those sea cons.  Different sea cargo containers mixed together can create any size of the restaurants or stores you need.

There are mainly three standard sizes for shipping containers as 20ft, 40ft and 45 ft.   Bear in mind that 20ft length containers only have GP (GENERAL PURPOSE)size, do not have an HQ (HIGH CUBE CONTAINER)

Dimensions for 20 ft sea cargo containers.

  • Outside Length: 12.2m / 40ft
  • Outside Height: 2.6m / 8ft 6in
  • Outside Width: 2.44m / 8ft
  • Internal Length: 12.04m / 39ft 6in

So, If you need a large size container food shop, You can choose a 40 Gp, or 40 HQ, if you need a smaller container coffee bar, A 20 ft container will be most preferable.  Not too much customer will choose a 45 ft container. As 45 ft are not a usual size and not easy for shipping.  If you need a really large dimension container coffee shop. You can adapt to two or more modular shipping containers together in order to combine a big size unique outdoor food court.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost?

So, How much is a shipping container restaurant? Most of the container food shop are customized form existing sea cargo containers. While some special offer needs a certain dimension are also achievable. there are several issues that affect the cost of a cargo container food kiosk or food trucks.

  • Use a totally new, second hand or customized shipping container.
  • The different dimensions of the container food court.
  • The design and plan for the container cafe shop.
  • Different location the shipping cost also varies.
  • The material used in building the interior finish of the container coffee shop.

Therefore, when you customize storage or portable outdoor food kiosk by using sea cargo shipping containers, A well-planned drawing is so necessary.  Basically, the cost of building a shipping container restaurant are from &12000-& 40000. Because of  The above elements that make the price for container coffee bar so much difference.

When you planning to open a sea beach container restaurant, make sure all the cost are included in your budget. Another important way is to choose a right manufacturer to build your container food booth.

Where to Buy a Shipping Container Restaurant?

shipping container coffee shopPortable Restaurant made from shipping containers is very popular for outdoor, especially on the beach or Tourist scenic spot.  But where to buy such a nice bar? Unique custom design & build shipping container restaurant for sale. Since 2002, we focus on manufacturing outdoor food kiosk by using second-hand sea containers.

So far, we have finished and exported over 500 containers restaurants all over the worlds. Especially in The United States and South Africa. Such as cities and beaches of the orange beach, Phoenix, San Francisco, Detroit, New Orleans, Asheville, Long Beach etc.  You can easily check our project by video or going on site.

Unique custom design and build shipping containers restaurants according to customer requirements. Sent us your customized ideas. We will help you construct a unique modern modular shipping container restaurant bar.

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