Unique reception counter design used in office/hotel



Unique reception counter design used in office/hotel

Reception counter plays an important role in our daily life.

You can see a reception counter when you enter a company office, a hotel, a retail shop, a restaurant.

Assume you are a company, when customers enter your company, the first eye you see will be the reception counter.

A nice and unique reception counter can enhance the overall image of the company and leave a good image for the customer.

today I want to share you some reception counter design:

reception counter design

the most eye-catching area of this reception counter is the unique shape. Different as many ordinary reception counters,

it did a special curved shape. looks very unique.

reception counter design

this reception counter used white countertop match nature wood color body, give people a very comfortable feeling.

reception counter design

then see this one, you will feel it is very high-end and creative.

Reception counter and back feature wall used the same wood color. Left is a spherical decoration, seems many trees putted inside. Looks very special.

reception counter design

the last one also dark brown wood color, add a blue light strip for decoration.very suitable for office use.

Are you interested in doing a nice reception counter design?

If you wanna know more details just feel free contact us:



Additional information

Weight300 kg
Dimensions2400 × 700 × 1200 mm


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