Fashion clothing kiosk deisgn & Unique clothing kiosk for sale

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Fashion clothing kiosk deisgn & Unique clothing kiosk for sale

Do you want to buy new dress? The answer for most people is yes. From the past to now, more and more people begin to pay attention to dressing. Especially young people, young people now prefer to buy a variety of clothes, becuase they want to look more handsome, look more beautiful. It is precisely because of the needs of so many people that more and more business people want to be in this field. If you want start your own business in this field. Today i am here to introuce a unique clothing kiosk for you. Now let me tell you more details about it!

clothing kioskAbout this unique clothing kiosk design:

As you can see, the whole kiosk use the black as the main color. There is a honeycombed design underneath the exterior. Above is a toughened glass display case, which can be used to display the marlet or various jewelry decoration.

And above the display case, there is a display case of several layers that can also be used to put some small decorations. It connect a display area for hanging clothes, also with a curved design underneath.

There are also kiosks inside for storing clothes, and all kinds of things. The whole kiosk is very novel and unique and a kiosk can be used in many ways. Do you like this design?

More information about it:

Size: 12ft x 10ft or what the size you need

Color: black and write or other color you like

Material: MDF with high glossy baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel and others.

Design fee: It is about 300$. And it is just a symbol. It is good for our cooperation. We will get back to you when we finshed the design and you have desided to pay the order.

What we can do for you?clothing kiosk

We (Shenzhen Unique furniture Ltd) are a custom company. Not only a company, but also a factory. And we can design for our customer according to what they need. Our company have made many clothing koisks before and shipped to many countries.

Our serives and strength:

  1. We have a nice serives team. Our salesman will help you to choose a nice design for you, and they will send some videos and pictures for you.
  2. We have a professional design team. Our deisgners will customized design for you according to what you need and what your ideas. In order to let you feel satisfied, our deisgners will have a talk each other before they start the design for you.
  3. When you received the kiosk, we can also provide installation video for you if you needed.
  4. We will repond to our customer problem in 24 hours.
  5. If not man-made damage, we will apply two years warranty.
  6. We have cooperated with many famous overseas brands, and received their praise and so on.
  7. We have the lower price than our peers and we have the high quality materials.

All in all, If you want to start a business in this field. Our company can give you some nice ideas and can customized kiosk for you according to what you need. If you trust our company, we will give you a nice experience and will let you feel happy when you recived your kiosk.

Thanks you spending time to read this article. I hope this artice can help you to make a right choice for your business. If you have any question and want to know more about the deisgn or other details feel free contact us. We will always online to help you. Welcome your inquiry!


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