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China UNIQUE kiosk manufacturer to remind you: in shopping mall kiosks custom-made process, as a non-professional consumers, need to show how to distinguish a good or bad quality of the cabinet? Today small to bring a friend to all customers “stainless steel shopping mall Zhangui design on a variety of stainless steel processing guidance popularity,” the article. 1, the quality of data models stainless steel raw materials: stainless steel raw materials used more for 201 and 304 in two models, like Cartier stores, Tiffany shopping mall and other high-end shopping mall brand selection of the top in the market kiosk kiosks planning in stainless steel shopping mall kiosk mostly with a 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel in the capital to do the shopping kiosk than 201 made of stainless steel and 30% higher price. But because the 304 and 201 stainless steel can not be seen from the outside in doing plating water plating perhaps after that in the end is 304 or 201 stainless steel, so the choice of material, we advocate the customer to choose according to their own accounts, if the higher accounting 304 stainless steel can be selected, on the contrary low accounting can pick 201 stainless steel. Information thickness: stainless steel in the manufacturing process of the mall kiosk, many non-professional consumers neglect the thickness of the stainless steel, stainless steel had about kiosk mall, the thickness of the stainless steel after the resolution of its construction and stability polished appearance is not level inequality in doubt. Division I in the manufacture of stainless steel shopping mall kiosk the choice of stainless steel material thickness practices on the market marked 1.5mm thick stainless steel (practice thickness of 1.3mm thick), such as customers have special requests we will use based on customer requests, such as the choice of foot 2. 0mm stainless steel. 2, welding stainless steel, polished, fully welded process patchwork quality professional kiosk manufacturing facility must use the home. Good shopping kiosk stainless steel welded treatment of choice is full reflow process. That is the so-called full welding two stainless steel parting at a distance from the first spot, and then welding on welding along gap! In the polishing process if the polishing treatment is not good, after plating rose gold color, monochrome-based champagne and the like, if completely polished stainless steel (without sanding pad is also the local) and do not have a region an area of ​​significant dividing line color, this non-professional consumers from the appearance of simplicity is not apparent, each from a different point of view to see, will see significant. Another point that is not good if the polishing process kiosks may look feel there will be uneven. It will affect the kiosk of beautiful nature! Patchwork process in the mall kiosk stainless steel manufacturing process is bound to do, patchwork better than straight lines, not diagonal twists and turns, all look more pretty neat. 3, quality stainless steel plated stainless steel plating techniques, i.e., color process, after the stainless steel plating will seal oil as an anti-oxidation treatment anti-fingerprint. Good Good to know less plating, the first look at the electroplating layer, plating is too thin to take a hard object quietly random draw will be able to see a stainless steel color, if relatively thick plating, even if you go to a lot of hard not rub will immediately reveal stainless steel color, you can see color or plating. If you need to do in stainless steel plating, adhere to its primary colors, the Wuhan kiosk our proposition must do seal oil treatment, otherwise re-use in cleaning maintenance process will be very cumbersome, often indelible fingerprints, and not drawing 201 in the primary colors not sealed stainless steel oil-treated outer case long time is simple rust oxidized. 4, stainless steel shopping mall kiosk the many details assembled good and bad elements of this kiosk of good or bad resolution in the assembly process. Slide elements comprise three major use, the glass adhesive plastic and stainless steel plate and some pumping seam size. Use slide, slide rails thickness resolution with the quality of good or bad, there is no greater good slide drawer and pull the sound of hand. Slide a small thin it can accept gravity, shopping mall kiosk the drawer on stainless steel, a thin rail service life because the load-bearing elements of small long time will certainly bad. So to kiosk hardware accessories to be strict in the selection. Plastic glass on a kiosk appearance is very important, plastic glass lay a line very thin, you look fine to simply do not see the situation. Stainless steel cabinet with drawers seam appearance on kiosk is also particularly important if the seam will certainly affect a large degree beautiful. In summary, the author of the summary of the division, and in the selection of stainless steel shopping mall kiosks custom-made division, let the thickness of its data from, is not careful polishing process, plating layer thickness and kiosk hardware accessories and plastic glass the other four aspects of the quality of a kiosk definition.

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