Enhance the shopping mall kiosk kiosk temperament should choose what material?

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When it comes to shopping mall kiosk, it will not feel strange, especially the kind of magnificent feeling is even more impressive. However, the mall kiosk of goods on display are arbitrary? No display skills? If you really think so, it would be wrong.
The following display skills but was out of use in actual combat in marketing, sales and brand promotion to help more or less.
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First, as the primary principle of shopping mall display of it, that is to emphasize the concept of “quantity”.
It looks like full display of goods, display of goods in order to have a sense of volume caused by the customer’s attention and interest, and give customers the greatest visual impact.
Second, requiring mall kiosk face emphasizes “color” of the match.
Customers caused by impulse buying, product packaging aesthetics, visual impact, attention goods on display with color, a combination of hot and cold tone appropriate to avoid the same color of different goods on display side by side, causing visual confusion.
Third, the required display shelf or in a neighboring location in the same category of goods to “set”.
The same type of goods to focus on display in the adjacent, so that customers can more easily find the products they need.
Easy to handle and easy to take the easy reduction is one of the good condition of goods on display, if not convenient to pick up, put it back or took extremely troublesome, increasing the time for delivery of goods to pick up, then another nice display will only look good only on sales causing trouble.

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