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Fine kiosk production of materials parsing large Tangge Ya tells you. Fine kiosk what material is made of the common market, making fine kiosk crystal clear at present, highlighting the dignified atmosphere of the boutique kiosk what material they are made to do it? UNIQUE kiosk Chinese factories with everyone to see.
Acrylic: In supermarkets I often see a variety of exquisite kiosks. Light transmission is better, it is generally used for local installation of light boxes and lamps, but also simply using.
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Commonly used materials are: MDF (medium density fiberboard, high density) fire board, Boeing film, paint, acrylic, glass, steel, lighting, hardware accessories. For the customer’s choice is relatively large. Processes are similar, the choice of materials is basically the same. MDF, generally with MDF, a single type double flour and ordinary flour generally has a thickness of 38mm blank, into a high density MDF. Polished good looks does not look very sleek, affect the overall results, steel prices are generally higher than the average price.

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