Oman 3x3m frozen yogurt kiosk

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This frozen yogurt kiosk had done build in March 2019, is export to Oman.

Basic information:

Size: 3000X3000mm.

Material: MDF, stainless steel.

Accessories: acrylic, lightbox, led light.

As you see this frozen yogurt kiosk, the basic material is MDF, the surface is baking painting finished, white Corian countertop. the front part is a topping area with cashier counter, a right side is a yogurt machine, the right sides is a double stainless steel sink. the back side is a row wooden counter with cabinet for storage, the countertop can for juice making.

You will notice here have a very simple “U” shape shelves, with logo and menu list. at the outside is a br counter with four bar chair, it’s very comfortable.

Real production photos to show

Here are some production photos. you can see the whole kiosk wooden cabinet, topping area and the surface finished looks. the whole kiosk bottom is blue color led light strip. is very attractive. do you like it?

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a frozen yogurt kiosk like this one, please feel free to contact us here!

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