Why do people seek European-style shopping mall kiosks customized it?

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People like the pursuit of European-style shopping mall kiosk, not one or two days. 30 years of reform and opening up, we attach importance to foreign good creative style, can be added to take advantage of the introduction is a good thing. Many European-style creative design, we are not common. If we get into some large shopping mall, there are a variety of styles. European-style counter, commonly used in shopping mall jewelry, jewelry, gifts and other industries. Generally prefer European-style white color tone, wood carved lines, wood foot, iron-based stainless steel. In short style diversification has brought to reflect on some of the thinking of the people. Why foreigners are so novel and creative product design, the design of our people out of style so traditional, and many are cottage-like. This may be with the education of our people about it. European-style production is still a little complicated, some lines of class, winding, and it is quite a waste of effort, and at the time of woodworking are somewhat inconvenient. We face common kiosk mall, if the production of European style, the general use of more white hue, and pay attention to the simple. Solid wood legs support the table top with glass, if you want to put some safe, you can get hold of the base, you can do what’s door. Some jewelry counter, under normal circumstances substantially high cabinet with shelves decorating, some slot plate, the base has a drawer door, lighting body bottom ply, brow to get some European lines, carved, LOGO such as to modify the. Some of the island counter, is the height of some changes.

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