Fall season kiosk Chinese manufacturer production work how to do a good job!

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Through the efforts of business, the manufacturer has introduced two new potential customers: kiosk mall and retail kiosk, as the production department, fully cooperate with the work of the Department, carefully study the structure of the relevant technology, successfully completed the production of the relevant counter and installation, the service has also been recognized by customers. Production supervisor should mainly production work from the following aspects:
2, organize relevant departments held a meeting production work, to kiosk China manufacturer site work six requirements and processes 6 specification for a comprehensive explanation, and at the production site to increase enforcement, and environmental aspects of the production order have been relatively big improvement;
mall kiosk display fixtures
4, training and advocacy manufacturer’s service philosophy and approach, and strengthen the training of staff responsible;
5, carefully examine the relevant drawings and order, good planning and co-ordination of counter-related materials;
7, a reasonable allocation of personnel, in order to get the fullest use of human resources.

An exception occurred in the production process, especially in terms of going out with counters, kiosk manufacturer to do everything we can to enhance the quality of training and skills of staff training.

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