Wooden color food kiosk Chimney cake shopping mall booth design

When you wander the streets of Budapest late one night, your nose will lead you to the old castle. The sweet smell that thrills your senses, your mouth flowing like Niagara Falls, probably comes from Kurtoskalacs. And the snack, called Transylvanian Chimney Cakes, tastes better than it smells.

This snack is said to have originated in what is now Romania (hence the name “Transylvania”), a Hungarian settlement. Today, chimney rolls are Hungary’s oldest pastries. And street stalls are ubiquitous. What you may ask, are chimney rolls? It’s as simple as rolling a piece of dough slowly around a wooden spoon (or similar container). Coating it with sugar and oil, and heating it over a fire. Finally, a chimney roll with a sweet, crisp outer layer and a warm, soft inner layer is ready. Many Hungarians also eat chimney rolls with chocolate sauce for extra calories. When it’s cold enough to see your breath in the winter, a chimney roll is the best. And the warmth of the dough combined with the sweetness of the taste makes you feel like you’re in heaven.



How to design a Wooden color food kiosk customize as your location size?

First, if you want to open a food kiosk in the shopping mall, you should find a location and sign the lease.

Second, we will make the 3D design all as your requirements. Before we make the design, we will charge 300$ for the design deposit. ( It will return to you when order ).

Third, please send us the size of your location, your brand logo and advertising posters. We make the design and send to you within 3-5 working days.

And then, we will help you to finish the final design & detailed construction drawing and get the approval from the landlord or shopping mall.

Finally, pay the 50% deposit and then we will start the production. The production will take about 25-28 working days after we receive the payment.

The package is foam inside and wooden box outside. 50% balance before we ship the cosmetic kiosk out.




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