Hello friend, glad to meet you here. Are you looking for a small retail cart or stand in the mall center for your business? Nowadays, RMU  display cabients become more and more popular. If you want to start your first business, but do not want to invest a lot of money, rmu display is your best choice. It can help you save and avoid risks. Today, I want to share a white retail merchandising unit display cabinet with you. Hope it’s the right one you find.

Introduction about white RMU display

Usually, the RMU display stand covers a small area, about 2m by 1.5m or smaller size. As we can see in the picture, there are stairs display counter in 3 sides, which can show your products in order. While in the 3 corners has two slat wall, you can hang on eyecathing products there. It can well display snacks, mobile phone cases, data cables, jewelry, etc. No matter what business you plan to start, this retail counter can help you well. You can add locked cabinet inside the counter, so it can protect the goods from stolen. In the last side is a place for checkout. The RMU display has floor with blue light, it looks beautiful. You can also put brand logo on the counter and change the color to match your brand logo. So that it can help you win more customers.

Let’s view the real looks of the RMU cabinet

From the design picture, we can view the RMU stand more clearly. You can also make small changes to make it better help you better.

RUM kiosk RUM stand retail phone booth

Main material of RMU display cart?

  1. Material: Plywood or MDF
  2. Surface: Laminate or baking paint, wood veneer, solid wood finish, man made stone, etc.
  3. Other materials: Stainless steel, light strip, aluminium groove plate, glass, acrylic, etc.

We will choose suitable material to build the RMU display cart. If you need special material, please contact us in advance. You can also share you requirements, we can try to help you better. Thank you

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