White and Brown Crepe Kiosk & Waffle Counter in Mall

crepe kioskCrepe and waffle is delicious food that many poeple like to eat. Crepe kiosk includes work table, water sink, storage counter, space for equipment, brand sign, cashier counter, etc. It mainly uses to make and sell crepes, you can also use it to sell coffee, ice cream, beverages, and fast food. Let’s view the details together.

Crepe kiosk design

This crepe kiosk size is 4m by 2m, main color is white with a brown and white advertising column. You can also choose unique colors, sizes, and styles to highlight the food kiosk.

Front side

The front side is a long display showcase counter with a topping bar. It has a glass cover to keep customers away from the foods. Next to it is a square glass showcase. Cashier counter set close to the large brand sign. Brand logo and lightbox set in the front for advertising.

crepe counterRight side & Left side

The right side is an entrance door, outside has a brown line decoration that looks like waffles. Next to it is lightbox posters for advertising. The left side is a white counter with a storage cabinet. Clients can pick up waffles here.


The backside mainly uses to place waffle machines and crepe equipment. Under counter has space for the fridge and storage cabinet. While the water sink is set here for wash, the outside has a glass plate for safety protection. The corner has a high stand panel to show the brand logo and posters, the TV player can also attach them here for advertising.

Materials show

We use MDF to build the crepe kiosk body, the surface material is baking paint in a high glossy effect. The brand logo uses 3D acrylic attach directly to the counter. The stainless steel is used to protect the kicking. Other materials include tempered glass, lightbox, hardware, etc.

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