Uniquely Shaped Coffee Kiosk Cafe Shop Design for outdoor use

coffee kioskRecently, many poeple plan to open outdoor kiosks to sell coffee and drinks. It is easy to operate and can earn money soon. Clients can also buy a cup of coffee on their way to work. It’s a smart idea to make a business plan before starting. Besides, don’t forget to purchase a wonderful coffee kiosk for business. Today, I want to share a unique shape coffee kiosk.

Coffee kiosk used outdoors

As we can see in the design, this coffee kiosk has a large roof with a brown signboard, looks very attractive. The coffee kiosk uses as a house with furniture inside, which can help your business well. You can use it in the park, outside malls, at the bus stations, and even streets.

coffee counterIntroduction of a coffee kiosk

There are around corners on 4 sides, that avoid sharp corner edges and enhance the fashionable of the outdoor kiosk. We can see there is hollow-style wall decoration on the backside. Lightbox posted and menu attach inside, clients can view them when ordering. Wall-mounted shelving set here for better usage.

While another side has a large soft film light box painting attached here. It has a brown frame decoration, that highly matches the products. And clients will choose you at the first sight.

outdoor coffee kioskDisplay counters

We can see there are curved glass cabinets surrounding the sales window. It has a glass showcase at the top, while the bottom has storage cabinets and drawers. Coffee beans and chocolates can be set here for sale.

Material shows

We use metal to the tube to make the kiosk body, which can bear changeable whether. Wall decoration uses aluminum composite panel decoration. The decoration of wood is made of preservative wood, which is beautiful and durable. The marble stone countertop is a good grade. Tempered glass showcase at the top that shows items well to the clients.

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