In the begining of this year, we made an  ice cream kiosk design for a customer from South Africa. He gives us a layout of the kiosk they want, and tell us that the color need match to his brand logo. After confirm several days. Our designer start the 3D drawing follow on her requirements. At first, we designed the kiosk with bar chairs on one side. However, he require us to change the chairs to Sofa and change the kiosk color to a mixtured color with white, pink, blue and black. Finally, he agree with this design. Let’s learn more about this unique ice cream kiosk together.

Introduction about ice cream kisok

From the design drawing, we can see this ice cream booth including 3 roll up machines. The ice cream kiosk covers an area of 4m×3m. There are 3 high stand to put brand logo, light box painting, and TV scream. Closed to the door is checkout counter, people can pay cash here. We should also make a topping counter and sink to the kiosk for better use. And add glass board on the top to keep customers away from machines. Do you like this ice cream kiosk design?

Material show

The main material is Plywood and surface is laminate. We can use stone to make the counter top. Other materials including stainless steel, light box logo, acrylic logo, tempered glass, etc. If you need special materials, please let us know before production.

ice cream shop

If you order from Unique Furniture, we will make the kiosk from our factory and assembly well. Ice Cream Shop in Mall Then takes photos and videos for your confirmation. When you receive the goods, you can use it directly. A new design need 2-3 business days. Production a kiosk takes about 20-25 business days. Please leave enough time to purchase your own food kiosk. Thank you for reading.

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