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Hello everyone! Good morning, nice to meet you here. Are you looking for retail computer booth stand? As we all know computer becomes more and more important in our daily life, so it’s the right time to open a computer store in the mall and earn a profit. Usually, a unique designed kiosk can not only showcase our products, but also attracts more attention and bring more customers. Therefore, please leave more time to design and choose the best style for your computer booth stand.

3D design

This kiosk measures 2m×3m, the main color is white with blue decoration. As we can see in the front side, there is a display counter for 2 products, so that people can view them conveniently. And in the right side is a glass display showcase with light. Next to the glass display case is a high stand with logo and advertise, it’s very clear to show our customers the products and service we provide. On the back side we can see there are a long table to display booth phones and desktop PC. There is a board between them, which can make full use of the space. We should use the bottom cabinets as storage area. Do you like this kiosk design?

computer booth stand

More information

The basic material is MDF with baking paint. We can also use plywood to make the body and solid wood as the surface. It depends on your own decoration ideas. As for a kiosk manufacturer, every kiosk should according to customers’ special needs. And our excellent design team will come up new designs nearly every day to meet the demands. Whenever you have an idea, please contact us, we are here and ready to help.

Our people always keep their eyes on the production and we take pictures everyday so it is a daily record for your order. If you want to know your order production details you can ask photos from our people and we work 24 hours for you. You are welcome to discuss your own design idea with us. Thank you for reading.

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