UNIQUE customized fresh flower kiosk mall kiosk for flower display stand

As far as I am concerned, the day with the most flower sales is valentine’s day. The couple, hotel, restaurant, company………., most of them will buy the fresh flower for business, add atmosphere, celebrate Valentine’s day. Where to purchase fresh flowers? 1. in the street shops. 2. in the indoor kiosks.

The people who go to work choose to shop. However, some couples go shopping or have a meal in the shopping mall, they will choose to mall fresh flower kiosk. When they pass by it, I think most couples will buy the fresh flower in the kiosk—-to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Except for Valentine’s Day, people also like buying it in daily life, for example, the women are fond of arranging flowers in a vase. They often buy fresh flowers to company, house.

Furthermore, flower shops are not as ubiquitous as clothing and food stores in the street. If there is without flower shop in the street, they will prefer to buy it in the mall kiosk.

fresh flower kiosk

Like this wooden vintage flower display stand, almost the whole cabinet is display area—both sides and middle stand. There are steel display panels on both sides to locate fresh flowers in the vase. But the cabinet in the middle is different. The professional factory dug suitable holes in it according to client’s requirements. Also, install some iron rings on the walls to fixed the vase.

There are a few flower kiosks in the mall, if you don’t know what the business to start, maybe you can try to open a flower kiosk.


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