As pizza becomes a popular food, the pizza market will also be opened up. You can see that there are just a lot of pizza shops on the market, which means that the pressure of competition has also increased. Then your pizzeria needs to stand out from the competition in some way. Whether you are providing special dough recipes, better prices, or other things to motivate customers. In fact, the decoration of pizzeria or pizza kiosk is also the key to keeping customers. Below is a pizza kiosk suitable for you to meet, it can be used in the mall or outdoors.

pizza kiosk

Pizza Kiosk for Sale

Whole pizza kiosk is 8m length by 2.2m width. The basic material is plywood, the surface is laminate and solid wood strip decoration . You can see the whole style is very modern and high end . The front part with a big window for customer order and package. There’s a big canopy, It can block the sun and rain. If you want to put this kiosk to outdoor, it will be a good choice to make it like this.

Interior Layoutpizza kiosk

See this shop inside layout is very simple, but very comfortable. The whole shop has two areas, one is making an area, another is sale area. Left is sale area with two sides wooden counter. There are many refrigerators under counter refrigerator, can storage much raw material. The right part mainly for pizza making, with oven and sink.

The interior wall has some light boxes to display the menu, some pizza types. Then the customer can see the menu clearly and its convenient to choose.



Production Process

Firstly, we need to do the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet divide into outside and inside. All of the cabinet is made into plywood, we will do the cabinet according to the construction drawings, including every details. when we do the cabinet, we will reserve the electric light , light box place and the sink place, and the sockets.

Second, We need to stick the laminate. During the time, we need to pay more careful because we will redo it, if there are any mistakes.

Third, we will install the logo, light box, light strip and the sink.

pizza kiosk

There are Some Question from Customers

How Can I  Install it?

We will produce it  into several parts according to the construction drawings. When you receive it, you will put them together and connect the wire. Then the kiosk can work successfully.

When Will We Receive It?

The time include design time, production time,and shipping time. The design time will take 3-5 working days. The production time will take 22-25 working days. For the shipping time, it based on which port is near to you. If you located on the Seattle port, it will take about 28 days to your port.

How Can I Order it?

  1. doing the 3d design firstly.
  2.  after you confirm the 3d design, we will start to produce the kiosk according to the 3d design and construction drawings.
  3. Please arrange the 50% deposit for the production deposit
  4. quality inspection, installation
  5. pay the balance payment before loaded.

Unique Display is customized outdoor food kiosk and booth manufacturer. If you are looking for a unique modern custom design for your pizza business, Welcome to send us an inquiry. We will offer you best quality kiosk at an affordable cost.


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