Stainless steel food counter for the coffee shop design

Opening a coffee shop is not as simple as you think. Especially for some novices, you need to do a lot of work before and after opening a shop. And it is also very tedious. In the process of opening a coffee shop, you have to learn various techniques and management knowledge. For everyone, the shop flow chart is also slightly different.

Site selection, decoration design, purchase of equipment, and raw materials are all trivial. It is necessary to consider the cost of coffee shop decoration, the capital of opening a coffee shop, the profit of opening a restaurant. Or the cost of opening a dessert shop, the daily operation. The financial report of the coffee shop, and the profit and loss of the coffee shop.

Coffee shop design ideas

Coffee shop interior design

No matter which industry you are in, the decoration is very important. And finding a good interior design and construction team is even more critical. Here are only some rough suggestions.

For specific needs, discuss with experienced coffee shop interior design companies and tell them your thoughts on interior design.

Coffee shop customize design

For the coffee shop bar design, coffee shop facade design, etc. Then ask them to draw the design of the coffee shop’s facade, the floor plan of the coffee shop and the design of the coffee bar, etc.

After repeated research, the style, size and construction requirements must be implemented to the details.



Coffee shop bar counter design

Our design team can make the full coffee shop design for you. It includes the coffee shop bar counter, wall shelves, seating area and wall decoration.

The bar counter on this coffee shop design is golden stainless steel with white square tiles. Meanwhile, at the cafe store bar counter we will install the white color Led strip lights.



Coffee shop seating area design

For the seating area of this coffee shop, it is a brown wooden bar table near the windows. And in the middle of a white color tree, it has a hexagonal shape table with some bar chairs.

On the wall of the coffee shop, it designs some wall shelves and with some posters decoration. We usually design the coffee shop to match the whole shop style. Or you can send us the one you want, we will draw them in 3d design.


How to customize a new cafe shop design?

Because the shop size is different, so we need to make a new 3d model with your shop size. And for the 3d customize cafe store design, we will charge a 500-800$ design deposit. To make a 3d customize coffee store design usually is the first step of the project. Because we need to make the coffee shop bar counter customize with your shop size.

And for the inside layout of the cafe store counter, you can send us if you have the equipment list. Then we will draw it in the 3d design and leave the space for you. In normal, we will send the 3d store design of the cafe shop to you in 5-7 working days.

Cafe shop furniture and bar counter package:

For the cafe shop furniture, we will pack them one by one. For example, the bar counter, the tables and chairs of the seating area. If the bar counter is too big, we will make it divided into a few parts and pack them separately. And all the furniture of the coffee store we will pack them foam inside and wooden box outside. It is strong enough for shipping.

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