Solid wood strip coffee kiosk food bar counter design for cafe shop

Sometimes we need to relax then we can go to the coffee bar to have a cup of coffee. For people who want to go to a place to relax, this area has to let them feel comfortable. If you want to open a coffee bar, you can check our website to search for some ideas. It can give you some helps.

This is a solid wood strip coffee kiosk food bar counter design for cafe shop. It is not a big size so it can use for all the standard cafe shops. Let us check the details of it now!



This coffee bar counter is a service counter for a cafe store. The front side is glass display fridge on the countertop you can display some ready foods. And next to it, it is a cashier area for the customer to order the food they want. The back side, on the wall has blackboard to write menu. It has a water sink and on the countertop, you can put other machines you need.


We will use the material according to the material you need. The basic material can use plywood, it is a kind of hardwood material. And the surface finish we can use solid wood strip. For the countertop, we usually use stone material. Man-made stone or quartz stone is both okay.

If you have any special requirements for the coffee kiosk, you can let us know in advance. For example, fireproof plywood or Formica brand laminate and so on.

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