Solid wood high-end juice kiosk smoothies bar counter design

For people to start their own business is not a difficult thing now. You can start your own business easily but you have to spend time and energy on it. Juice is one of the healthy food in the world. If you want to start a juice business, how to do it and how to start it? Here, you can find the answer.

This is a solid wood high-end juice kiosk smoothies bar counter design. It is a small food stall to use in the shopping mall to start a juice business. Let us have a look together.



The basic material of this juice kiosk is plywood. The plywood material we have normal plywood and fireproof plywood. If the shopping mall requires fireproof material, we can use fireproof plywood. And the surface finish of this juice kiosk, we can use solid wood strips and laminate.

On the countertop has a round of glass guards. For the countertop material, we need to use stone material. Man-made stone countertop or quartz stone countertop both are a good options.

On the countertop, you can put the equipment machine. For example, in this juice kiosk, you do a juice business, you need to use juice machine, blender, fridge and so on. It has a water sink for you to wash the food. And under the countertop all have the storage cabinet, you can put something inside.



Our factory workers will install a whole juice kiosk in our factory. After we finish the installation, we will send the pictures to you. So that you can check and if everything is okay, we will pack it. A whole juice kiosk will be pack divided into a few parts. When you receive it, please open all the packages and connect them together then it will work.

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