Simple style optical store display showcase customize store design

With the progress of science and technology and the widespread use of electronic devices, many people’s eyesight has declined. Especially students and office workers, because they have to face the computer and mobile phone every day, most of them need to wear glasses. 

It is not a bad idea to open an optical store near the school and office building. This is a simple style optical store display showcase customize store design. A good shop design is important for your business.



For an optical store design, we need to have enough space for the display area. In the design of this optical store, the display area is on two sides of the wall and in the middle of shop. On the wall has the display shelf for the customer can see the products very clearly. Meanwhile, we need to make some mirrors on the wall so that the customer can see the effect when they wear the eyeglasses.


We can make a store sign on the storefront with your logo and shop name. This is important for the customer to know your shop name and identify your brand to find your shop easily. The lighting inside the optical shop needs to be bright enough cannot too dark.

For the material of this optical store, we can use MDF with baking paint. And for the wooden color, we can use veneer or laminate. For all the cabinets and drawers we will install the same lock with key.



We will install a whole optical shop in our factory. The electricity the lights and all the accessories we will make in our factory. When you receive the store furniture, just need to open them and connect to your shop power supply.

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