This is the second revision edition of popcorn kiosk – Popcorn kiosk is a very good mall kiosk business ideas . More and more people planing to open a corn kiosk in mall .

Mall food kiosks are mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores and other shops to display goods, store goods, have the appearance of personality, powerful, but also have advertising effects, in order to achieve better profit. The characteristics of the showcase are mainly used for shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, boutiques and other shops to display and store goods.

The appearance of mall food kiosk must be beautiful and chic, powerful, and has obvious advertising effects to achieve better profitability, providing more for brand products. Good sales platform. All kinds of kiosk companies can design and produce a variety of kiosks stands and display counter that are unique and unique to your personal or corporate store.

Do you want to know the size of this kiosk ?

Here i marked a rough sketch on this kiosk design with different part dimensions. So you can have a clear idea of the size. if you want a different size of this kiosk design, You can contact us , we can do free kiosk design for you .

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