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Do you know why women prefer the flower most ?

As we know women are born to love beauty,liking they are born like flowers. Women like flowers, and they are justified.
Whenever a Valentine’s Day, or a commemoration day, or a birthday, when a man expresses his or her love to a woman

He or she will choose to send flowers. Even if a man doesn’t like flowers very much, he will firmly believe that sending flowers is more useful than sending anything.

As long as the woman can receive the flowers, she will feel happy and happy all day. In our human mind, flowers seem to have always been given to women. Flowers only give women a more beautiful appearance, flowers look more beautiful, and people appear more beautiful, which gives meaning to flowers.

Besides Flowers always represent a certain mood and mood of people. Flowers often convey emotions such as joy, love, friendship, friendship and so on.A bunch of flowers can bring unexpected effects to women.



That why more and more merchants open their flower shop indoor or outdoor  as we can see so many  flower stores when go shopping around. today we mainly focus on outdoor flower retail shop with you .normally for outdoor kiosk its size around 2 meter by 2 meter or 2 meter by 3 meter , it is easily to move from one place to another place.

As for flower business we can change the location based on different festival,in this way it will increase your sales .

If you plan and want to open your own flower business  how to cooperate with us :

  • contact us , tell us your requirements ( kiosk size , layout , color ,logo etc)
  • pay $300 for 3d design . our designer start design for u .
  • discuss and modify design to meet mall request .
  • finalize design and quote price.
  • agree with price and pay 50% deposit before production .
  • pay balance before shipment .
  • contact us if need after-sale service.


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