Portable Snacks Kiosk Cart With Unique Design For Sale

Everyone wants to open a small business. We can open a shop if we have money to invest. What kind of shops do you want to run in? First, you need to investigate the market and habits in your market. You need to open according to your budget. Look at this unique cart, you will like it.

food cart

Description of the food cart

This is a food cart suit for any type of food. You can put machines as your sales need. The door can be retractable, you can shut or open it conveniently. And the four wheels can let you sell food at any time, even at any place. The front side is red and the back side is black and white, leaving a unique eye effect.


More detail about this food cart

food cart

We can see the red high-grade plywood with bump modeling counter body in the front, and the stainless steel bracket to support. As for the countertop, the material is laminate, which is a high fire-proof function. Most food kiosks use it for countertops. For this cart, you can also put some personalized stuff to decorate. such as posters, logos, and led lights.                    Importantly, all these things we can custom make. If you have size and requirements, you need to send us, so as to we can design 100% according to your requirements.

food cart

About us

We have a professional design team to help with your new design. For each design, we charge a 300$ design deposit and return it to you after you place the order in our company.  What’s more, we have done many cases in different countries, and have true feedback from our customers. They all feel satisfied with our design. So we have the ability to make the kiosk or cart for your satisfaction.


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