Unique Custom design & build mobile coffee carts, portable coffee stands for sale.   Here below is a nice coffee carts design with good price for sale.

Portable coffee stands, mobile coffee carts for sale

  • The dimension of the coffee carts: 2000x1000x2200mm.
  • The material of the stands: 304 Stainless steel.
  • Price to get at 2800 USD.
  • Different size price will be different.

We mainly build customized coffee carts for indoor and outdoor. Normally indoor coffee carts will use plywood in a lamination finish. While outdoor coffee stands will choose stainless steel for a durable life. The size of the coffee carts diverse makes the cost to build it differently from each other. So, if you do not have an idea about the size you need, you can choose our standard size coffee carts. If you have your own mind and need a customized size, you can feel free to share your minds.

LAVAZZA coffee carts

stainless steel coffee stands

Are you looking for affordable cost coffee carts and display stands for your coffee business? Unique will be your best partner. We have been designing and building coffee kiosk, coffee carts for over 15 years. Our designer is familiar with all types of material and different requirements. You just need to share your customized ideas. leave the rest job to the professionals.

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