Recently, many people have consulted me about RUM retail counters. Why choose RMU cart to start business? There are several reasons:

  1. Its small size can save us costs. When you plan to open a shop in the mall center, yThe larger the location in the mall, the more rent you need. If you have limited budget, RMU cart can better help you.
  2. It can help us place items in an orderly manner. You can add display shelves, cabients on the RMU display. When people goes by, they can view your products clearly and choose favorite one.
  3. It has multiple functions and is suitable for all businesses. No matter what your business is, you can use RMU to display and sell them. You can place jewelry, backpacks, boutiques, stationery, toys, etc. You can also use them to make and sell real objects, such as milk tea, sushi, pancakes, drinks, etc.

Today, I want to introduce a unique RMU kiosk in mall to you. If you consider to choose a RMU cart stand and have no idea about the decoration, please don’t miss this style

Real picture about the RMU stand

From the picture, we can see the main color is grey with a large display counter. There are display shelves on the counter top for place more items and attracts consumers. It has a top ceiling to install ligth strip, which can high light the products. And there is a round cceiling with spot light in the center, you can put brand name and logo here. Meanwhile, when add locked drawers and cabinets, the RMU cart can store many goods. That can protect products from stolen. The color, layout and size can meet your demands. Let’s view how it will help you.

retail cart food cart backpack cart RMU stand

If you need further information, please feel free to contact us. We made many RMU stand and mall kiosks for customers. I am sure we can one you like. Thank you

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