Sweet candy carts are very good business ideas for new starters . Opening a small push candy carts business do not need a lot of money, However the feedback profit are abundant . Here blow are newly design a small Pick & Mix sweet candy carts design in mall with best price for sale .

With a size of 2.4 meter long and 1.5 meter wide .  The cart can easy moved and stopped bu a thin girl.  We have adapted a cashier counter on the back of the candy cart , so you can safe about your money. If you need light on the of the carts, we can also install it for you . On the primary design we do have a lighted roof , if you want to see it . Welcome to contact us.

We offer different angles and views of the carts & kiosk when we making the 3D design, no matter wooden candy kiosk or cotton candy carts are same. Here is goes the Top view of the candy carts.

The sides view of candy sweet carts

Rear view of the candy carts.

If you are looking for affordable cost candy kiosk . Welcome to visit

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