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We all know that the demand for mobile phones is increasing. Mobile phones, while closely connecting people in various parts of the world, are portable and have good market prospects. In addition, the development of electronic and information technologies has made mobile phones and communications Costs are getting lower and lower, and mobile phones are moving from luxury to consumer goods. So you can see more and more people choosed to open a phone reapir booth or phone shop. if you also want to open a phone repair booth and still looking for style you like, here i want to share you a nice phone repair booth:

see this phone booth, it is 5m by 4m on photo. you can see whole kiosk used nature wood color matched white, looks very nice. And the most eye-catching place is the unique shape and modeling in this kiosk. Dark brown wood stripes match white make this phone kiosk looks very unique.

and this phone repair booth is very functional. you can see all outside around kiosk are glass displays, can display mobile phones and accessories for people to select. Then inside has a big area U shape repair counter, different as other kiosks can only have 1 or 2 person do repairs, this kiosk allow 4 people to do repair together.Outside of the repair counter also have display can put phone accessories.

Here are some detailed info for you know this phone booth better:

1.size:5m by 4m
2. color:wood color match white
3.materials:wood venner, laminate, tempered glass
4.usage:display phone accessories, mobile phone and repair phone
5.production time:20-22 work days

Do you like this phone repair booth? Unique kiosk is a factory located in Shenzhen city,China. We already specilaize in making customized mall kiosks and shop furnitures for 10 years. We have our own profesisonal design team and factory can help you customize any style you want. Fore more details just feel free to contact us.




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