Opening a outdoor street kiosk and run a food & beverage business are smart ideas for all the vendors.  However , To run a outdoor food kiosk well, Great kiosk design are very important. Today i m going to share you a very nice outdoor food kiosk for Gong Cha. With Whole structure build with strong metal tubes and metal sheet. This kiosk are in very good quality surface finish. Compare to outdoor information kiosk or street kiosk . Food booth are much more complicated.

Outdoor food booth must be well organized in design and function.  Good kiosk design will bring not only customers’ eye contact, But also level up the brand and adverting.  With a good booth outlook, people can easy remember your shop and get deep depression . So you can easy to get return customer.  While functional kiosk will help you a lot is kiosk using.

Here blow are 3 different images of this kiosk concept. Whether you are looking for big size pizza kiosk or gelato kiosk . This concept will be just perfect for you , Before using this kiosk design , make sure you get the copy from us.  We also can build this kiosk ideas into any size you need. In order to fit into a sea container , We suggest the kiosk less than 2.2 meter width ,If you need larger size than this, Our designer will split this kiosk into two part to fit into container.

Outdoor kiosk business are becoming more and more popular , Especially in big trade plaza or outside shopping mall. A great food booth with delicious food will always attract passersby. If you want to start a outdoor kiosk business for food or beverage , Unique kiosk have full experience in this field. Contact us first and you will get a satisfied solution.

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