Newest style coffee shop solid wood cafe kiosk with seating area

A cup of coffee has resulted in a lot of big business. The casual and comfortable environment of the coffee shop makes people feel relaxed and thus the order is easier to close. Beyond that, coffee shops are different in every city. A coffee shop in a big city may be mostly white collars and businessmen, while a coffee shop in a small city is mostly for young men and women.

This is the newest style coffee shop solid wood cafe kiosk with seating area. Many people who want to start a coffee business can check out this coffee kiosk design for reference.



The brand name of this coffee kiosk is ” forever coffee”. You can establish a brand for your own coffee business. First, you need to learn about the food you want to sell. Then you need to find a location and make a coffee kiosk for you to start the business. This is a coffee kiosk with a seating area.

The layout of this coffee kiosk can be divided into two parts. One is the coffee counter for the staff to work, and the other is the seating area for the customer to sit and have food. The coffee counter has 2 glass display showcase to display some dessert foods like cake, bread, donuts etc. It has a pillar that on the top is the logo and under has an advertising TV.


The basic material is plywood and for the surface finish, we can use laminate and solid wood. For the countertop, we can use man-made stone or quartz stone both are okay. We will install everything for you. It includes the water sink, logo, all the accessories, wires and sockets. You can use the coffee kiosk directly when you receive it.

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