New trend custom shopping mall massage kiosk for sale

With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people have become a fashion for healthy consumption.Massage is not just a disease , daily preventive care has become a good choice.

At the same time ,the development of the massage and massage industry contributes to social stability and economic development. Massage is an important branch of traditional medicine in the motherland

And the oldest medical and health science in human beings. It can be passed down for thousands of years. and it has gone through the rough and waning.The most fundamental point is that massage brings health to people.

And it is non-toxic,have no side effects,no damage and can be described as pure green health care.

That’s why we can see more and more different mall massage store when go shopping.

Here share a very typical mall massage kiosk for sale to all of you :

That is standard size mall massage kiosk 10 by 10 ft , which for this design our factory have produced several sets .And it has been shipped to different city GGP mall in USA already .as we can see  this design is very simple ..on one side there is a bar counter area for message working stations .on the other size there are made of long couch + cashier + Light box column.Based on the GGP mall’s request its made of plywood with white laminate and green stone on counter top.

If you have any plan to open message mall shop or any retail message store pls feel free to contact us.

Our team will offer our professional solution for you with design-production-installation -shipping .

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