New Popular Crepes Kiosk Design for Food Sale

This is a new design of food kiosks, we design it costs 3-5 days. But to arrive at the final design effect, we and our customers make a big effort. Our price also depends on the size and style. If you have interested to open a new food shop, you can take this new popular kiosk into consideration.

The design idea

Our design idea depends on our customers’ requirements. If you want some design changes, tell me the ideas, and we can make some modifications to this kind of food kiosk. Crepe kiosk

Introduction of this crepe kiosk

Production process

The crepe kiosk size is 3*4m, we can also make your size and logo. First, we make the wood cabinet after preparing the materials. Then, we will polish the wall counter according to the construction drawing. The next step is to laminate the fire-board on the surface. The last step is to install the accessories and lights. Finally, we install all the counters to show you the whole kiosk’s effect.

crepe kiosk

Layout description

We can clearly see the crepe kiosk has one entrance door, the counter surface has lighted logo paints. What’s more, there are three strips to decorate, also include a glass display cabinet, a cashier counter at its side,  a working area with two pancake machines, and a tall stand with a food poster and logo. You can also see the menu on the kiosk’s surface.


The basic material is plywood and a laminate finish. The skirting area is stainless steel. Besides, we install the accessories, such as socket, water sink, lock, key, and luminous logo.

We can help you design a new one with your own logo and size. but the design is the first step. You need to pay the 300 design fee, then our designer will start designing for you and render the effect for you.

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