Sushi has three advantages. One is delicious, the other is reasonable nutrition, and the third is clean and hygienic. It is very popular all over the world. In most countries, it is a high-end food. This kind of food was invented by the Japanese, but today most European and American countries have localized it and created local sushi that meets their own tastes.

There are sushi stores all over the world. In addition to sushi stores, there are also sushi kiosks. Sushi kiosk is one of the common kiosks in shopping malls. Its styles are also diverse. When we sell sushi, we also need a refrigerator. The main ingredient of sushi is rice, and the ingredients are other food. Some of them are raw meat, so they should not be stored at room temperature for too long and need to be kept in the refrigerator. So the refrigerator is also one of the main machines.

Sushi Kiosk Details

The sushi kiosk introduced today is very simple. Its structure is very obvious. It has two walls with some machines and a freezer inside. Sushi making is also very simple, we can operate it at the counter inside. The two sides of the kiosk are seating areas, and the internal working table and dining table are separated by glass. If the space is not enough, we can apply for a bit more space with the mall and place tables and chairs separately.

The kiosk color depends on the customer’s requirements. This kiosk’s main color is dark blue and grey. And with a 3D luminous logo. The 3D luminous logo is very beautiful and it can make our kiosk more professional.

The proportion of machines in kiosks is very important because our food is basically operated, stored, and produced by machines. So when you want to build a kiosk, first confirm what kind of machines we need, their quantity, size, etc. This is also very helpful for us to design kiosks. The shape and structure of the kiosk are often related to the machine.

Kiosk Information

Size: 6x3m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic 3D luminous logo

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Others: Tiles, LED light, man-made stone



We are a customized company, if you want to open a kiosk in the mall, you can share your location information and ideas with us. We can help you customize a unique kiosk.


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