Modern outdoor coffee kiosk

This is a coffee kiosk that is mainly built outdoors, but it can also be built indoors. Usually we generally recommend that coffee kiosks opens in commercial streets and high-end office buildings. Because the high street has a strong commercial atmosphere. There are always new commercial projects around to join. In order to maintain the continuous input of fresh blood in the commercial street. Coffee kiosks in places with many office buildings .which may become a time-out point that white-collar workers like to patronize. After you get tired at work, you can sit with your colleagues in the coffee booth to talk about work and life. Become a good place for white-collar workers to relax.

Or it can be near a park. The combination of static and dynamic is the best ideal place for couples to date. Many couples may be thirsty or hungry when they are tired.This moment they also want to sit down and relax. This coffee kiosk is perfect for couples to relax and punch in after a long walk.

more details

This coffee kiosk has chosen a classic color scheme of black and brown.Which complements the color of the coffee. There is a big logo at the top of the coffee kiosk that we can customize for you. Coffee pavilion ceiling shape is very unique.Above a variety of square rectangular staggered placement. The visual effect is very obvious. Some green plants fall vertically from the inside of the box.Adding a touch of green life to the coffee kiosk.

A few tables and chairs  places in the front area of the kiosk. It is convenient for customers to rest here while waiting for meals. Choose a strong material with a back for the chair. Many customers tired of walking and want to find a place to sit and rest. Choose all customer-oriented configurations. Make it easy for people to sit back, have coffee and have a good time. If you like  this coffee kiosk, please feel free to contact us. We will customize the product for you to meet your expectations.

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