Today, I noticed an extraordinary cute baby clothing kiosk, check below design:

baby clothing kiosk

This baby clothing kiosk is used in the shopping mall or baby clothing shop display showcase. The top of display showcase is a triangle with rack. It can be displayed toys, gifts on that. This one display toys. Under the triangle are sale areas. If you want to sell some T-shirts, you have to reserve enough height in that.  Clothes can be folded in the clothes display cabinets and exhibition areas. It is an advantage—reduce furniture display shelves.

baby clothing kiosk

There is a white single display stand with four drawers. It can do the sales promotion on the countertop—like out-of-season clothes, socks. The four drawers put stocks—clothes, socks. Besides, if it with enough space, you can put some single wooden display shelves on the edge of the kiosk.

It with a small cash register counter on the entrance, the countertop is white artificial stone. However, the entrance is slope—-Convenient for pushing wheelchairs by the disabled. If the kiosk with flooring, it will do slope entrance. To meet mall’s criteria in the flooring.

If you see it clearly, you can see, it without any toe kick on the bottom of furniture. So does floor.

If any interest, please feel free to contact us!

Thank you

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