Technological mall massage kiosk design used in Australia shopping center

Nowadays, since many jobs are done with computers, many office workers often sit in the office for a whole day.

Due to lack of exercise, many people often feel back pain, cervical pain etc.

So after work or holiday,  many people will choose to massage to relax.

Massage has a lot of benefits. It can help people relax, relieve stress, promote blood circulation and keep health. 

Many people have discovered this huge business opportunity, so more and more mall massage kiosks are opened in shopping center.

Today i wanna share you a mall massage kiosk we did for an Australia customer last month:

mall massage kiosk mall massage kiosk

Some basic info for this  mall massage kiosk 

Size: bigger one 5m by 3m, small one 3.6 by 3m

Material:The basic material is plywood, surface finished by laminate

Accessories:illuminated logo,led light strips,wood floor, backlit signatures

Production time:as usually need about 22-25 work days

Shipping time:to Australia as usually need about  15-20 days

mall massage kiosk  mall massage kiosk 

you  see this massage kiosk, it only has little furnitures with some sofas for customers to sit.

Middle are massage chairs and stools to supply massage service.This kiosk looks simple but very functional.


Do you also want do a massage kiosk to open your new business?

Here are some steps hope can help you: need found a good location in mall need found a professional designer help you design your kiosk as your needs and mall requirements

  Then you need submit the design for mall approval

3.after design approval,you need found an reliable supplier to make the kiosk for you


Unique kiosk has a professional design team and our own factory,we can help you design your massage kiosk as your needs.

And then build the kiosk follow final confirmed design and drawing.if you need any help just feel free contact us.

Contact:Jessy Duan
Mob(whatsapp):+86 13631655904







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