The friut juice kiosk

Today I will introduce the design of a fruit juice kiosk. Cool and thirst-quenching juice and a comfortable seating area are combined into a juice kiosk. This is a simple and rational use of space design. The entire fruit juice kiosk uses wooden cabinets in a square shape. First of all, there is an iron mesh on the top of the fruit juice kiosk, on which a chandelier can be hung so that at night, the lights can illuminate the fruit juice kiosk so that we can see clearly the inside of the juice kiosk. The other side connected to the top iron mesh is also an iron mesh, but unlike the top, it has a two-layer display rack on which our juice bottles or drinks can be place according to category.

The details

The counter below can be customized according to needs. In this design, we display the transparent display refrigerator and place it in the most prominent place on the front of the juice kiosk, next to a preparation station. Placing a logo on the front cabinet of the juice kiosk can make people remember your brand name at a glance, and we can also put a cash register on it.

The other side of the counter is the seating area. After we make the juice, we just place the juice on the table in the seating area. Leave a space on the counter on the other side of the seating area for easy entry and exit. Behind the juice kiosk is a back wall with a long counter and a standing refrigerator. Make a large logo or menu above the counter to facilitate customers to choose and place orders. Each counter has a storage location to maximize space.


We’re custom factory, you can tell us your ideas about the kiosk, so that we can custom the new design according to your requirements. Such as size, colors, logo, style etc. If you are interesting in this fruit juice bar kiosk design, pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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