Lovely pink nail manicure kiosk nail beauty booth share with you

When you go a shopping center, you will easily find many nail manicure shops. why girls and ladies love do their nail so much?the main reason is because beautiful nails and hand will let them looks more elegant, and they will also becomes more confident. Recent years, rather than open a nail beauty shop, more and more people will choose to open a small nail manicure kiosk in mall, because it only take very small space, so rent is low. And can change location easily. This way they can easy earn the cost back.

So today i wan to share you a nice nail manicure kiosk we just did for a UK customer:

Let’s see this nail beauty kiosk together. It is 4m by 2m, you can see it is a very elegant and nice model. It used sweet pink color match white, because the customer said Uk people loves pink a lot lol. this kiosk not only looks very beautiful also very functional.It comes with 7 nail stations,the tall pylon outside are menus and price list, inside are nail polish displays. this way when stuff work can easy get the nail polish they want.Against the back wall, left is a counter for hand wash and storage,middle is a pink sofa for customers to sit. Right side of the pink sofa has a small cabinet, that’s used for do cash.

then let’s see the back of this kiosk, it have logos and two big led lgiht sign for advertising.
do you like this nail kiosk design?

You may have belowing questions: big this kiosk?
A:it is 4m by 2m, we can customize it as your size.
2.What’s the price?what it comes with?
A:this kiosk about 6000USD for your ref, we can customize  it as your needs. it comes with whole kiosk, logos, sofa,led lights,menus,led signs(chairs not included) long to make it?
A:production need 20-22 work days

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions for this nail manicure kiosk.

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