share some nice jewelry shop jewelry showcase design ideas with you

Nowadays, With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people will choose buy jewelry.

As we know,the main consumer are ladies. ladies prefer them as luxury goods and decorations.  To match the jewelry,of course the jewelry shop design also need very nice and high-end.

Jewelry shop or jewelry kiosk as usually will located in the frist floor of a mall or commercial building. That’s the best place. So when you go to some high-end jewelry shops will found their designs are very nice and special.

Do you still looking for nice jewelry shop design ideas?Come with me,let’s see some attractive jewelry shop design:

jewelry shop design

when see this jewelry shop , I believe you also feel very nice. The most eye-catching area is the jewelry showcase surface design. All outside surface used white acrylic patterns,inside added white led lights,so seems from outside all illuminated. This kind design make the jewelry showcase looks very nice and elegant.I believe many ladies will love it.

jewelry shop design

then let’s see this Mokingran shop design,different as last one, its color mainly used earth gold color match cream color. Totally looks very high-end style. And you can see wall and ceiling design match showcase well.

jewelry shop design

This jewelry shop design use black as jewelry showcaes main color, ceiling match gold color bright light, looks also very nice.

This is a jade shop,it is a very fancy design as you see. inside did many Bamboo shaped pillars,seems like many bamboos grows in the shop,very creative design. 

These jewelry shop designs are some ideas for your reference.

If you also ready open a jewelry shop, may be these steps can help you:

1.fristly you need check your shop size,according to your shop size to confirm rough layout,check how to put your jewelry showcases and displays and can put how many pieces.

2.second you need confirm shop decoration theme. This is not a easy thing, for shop style you’d better do something creative, unique shop style can help attract a lot of customers. You can think about go what kind style roughly, may be high-end style, or modern style;also shop color.

3.You need find professional design team help you design the whole shop.

Design team who did many jewelry shops before will have mnay creative ideas,you can ask them for help.

4.When design finished,you will need submit complete design plan for landload approval. 

5.the final is find a experienced factory help you make your shop furnitures.

Hope this article can help you,have a nice weekend!







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