Amazing jewelry display table watch display showcase in jewelry shop

Hi all friends!next week my friend ask me go with her to buy jewelry for her mother.Because next week will be her mother’s birthday.Many men are curious, why do women like jewelry so much? Just like why men like electronic products so much. Jewelry always attracts women. Beautiful jewelry can make women look more attractive, and women will feel more more and more jewelry shop are opened every year. Now people take more care about the decoration of the jewelry shop.Because the main customers are laides,so many jewelry shop prefer add some elegant and beautiful colors and elements in design,like flowers,rose,pink color etc.Also jewelry display table becomes more and more sundry.

here today I want to share you a nice jewelry shop design:

when i saw it first eye i feel it is so special and amazing. you see different as many jewelry shop always used gold color,this shop used light grey matched the bright blue color, added nice led lights, looks very unique and elegant.The jewelry display table putted on the blue carpet,top lights make there like a stage.the display showcase used white color match little gold frame, looks high-end also very elegant.On the wall putted some posters and display stands.

Detailed info for this jewelry shop

1.size:60 sq meters
2.color:bright blue,dark blue,white,gold color
3.materials used:Gold-plated stainless steel,MDF with white paint finish,tempered glass,carpet with led lights idea:unique and elegant
5.production time:20-22 work days

Company Information

Unique is a professional retail kiosk and store supply manufacturer, With a lower material, land, and labor Cost. we have professional design team.We are able to offer our client high-quality jewelry display table with an affordable price. Let us supply you commercial display fixtures and mall kiosk for your up growing franchise business from mall kiosk carts to retail store display. Our kiosk ideas will help you increase your brand value and presentation with the best low-cost affordable display solutions.if you have any needs just feel free to contact us.

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