Cupcakes are a favorite food, and opening a cupcake shop has become a good project for personal entrepreneurship. But if we want to do business well, we need to work hard. Fresh food is the favorite of modern people and has become a fashion life trend. Opening a sweet cupcake shop, the investment is not high, the operation is simple, and the floor space is small, which is very suitable for small operators. As long as your cupcakes and desserts are fresh and unique, reasonably priced, and trusted by everyone, it is easy to attract a large number of consumers.

cupcake kiosk

Nowadays, as people’s living standards continue to improve, everyone is becoming more and more particular about their diet. Therefore, all kinds of small and medium-sized cupcake kiosk, bakeries, and cupcake kiosk are rapidly developing and growing, so it is necessary to open a bakery kiosk. how much is it? How to do promotions? How to attract customers to buy?

 The size of this one is 4 x 3 m, the material is MDF with baking paint. For the countertop, we use the white man-made stone to resist the water. The glass we use 8 mm tempered glass with glass clamp. The logo is 3 D stainless steel luminous logo. Other things are lighted boxes, sink, and some hardware.

cupcake kiosk

How to make the cupcake kiosk design?

1. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas about the design. And what size do you want?

2. You pay the design fee 300 USD, then our designer starts the 3 D design drawing.

3. Check the design and tell us what do you want to change, we will revise the design until you are satisfied with it.

4. After you confirm the design, we will make the CAD technical drawing, and then start the production.

Please feel free to contact us on Email: Welcome to inquiry!!!

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